Claudia Contemplation Linen Lace
June 18, 2021
Andrea Mowry Shifty Sweater Pattern
June 22, 2021
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Claudia Linen Sport

This elegant linen yarn comes in more colors than you can imagine and is perfect for all your sport weight yarn needs!


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100% Linen

540 yds/ 100 g


Machine wash, mild soap, gentle cycle, cold water. Machine dry


Ananda, Artichoke, Aubergine, Antique Jeans, Baby Boy, Bootcamp, Brick House Music Co., Butter Pecan, Cabin Fever, Chocolate, Circus Dancer, Collards and Grits, Cotton Candy, Desert Dusk, Driftwood, Earth Dot, Eat Your Veggies, Freesia, Ganesha, Gemstone, Grape Jelly, Graphite, Indian Turquoise, Ink, Ishmael, John B, Jonquil, Kelly Girl, Lakeside Liz, Last Night's Wine, Lemon Ice, Leopard, Limeade, Lipstick, Makes Me Hungry, Maple Leaf, Mardi Gras, Mountain Sky, Mudslide, Mustard Custard, Navy Olive, Ocean Depth, Paprika, Passion Fruit, Periwinkle, Pink, Pink Cloud, Poppy, Prussian Soldiers, Rain on Bluestone, River Bank Grass, Rock Creek, Rubies, Scouts Honor, Secrets, Shadows, Sharks, Straw, Strawberry Latte, Teal, Teal Party, Thistle, Toast, Tomato Soup, Underwater Mysteries, Walk in the Woods, Watermelon, Whirled Peas, Yo Sailor Boy


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