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Knit In New Directions

Take a new approach to knitting!


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Freeing knitters with all levels of experience to become involved in the creative process and still make a garment that is knit-to-fit, this template-based approach is not math-dependent and works for people whether they prefer a structured or more freeform process. Knit in New Directions introduces techniques that encourage knitters to just have fun: strip knitting, creative short rows, patchwork, crazy quilt, and free-form knitting. It then explains the other essential toolfull-scale templates. Knitters learn to use the templates in the book and how to make one to their own measurements. Garment designs support each technique and template with two options. The Guided Tour provides full instructions for specific sizes as well as measure-as-you go versions. In the Alternative Routes, the template functions like a coloring book that allows the knitter to create completely new designs. Practical advice for how to achieve the best fit and finish is included with each design: blocking, a special stitch for seaming, and edge and embellishment options.


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